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AASL President Update #3

May 7th, 2012 by Carl Harvey

Where does the time go?  I had this ready to post at the end of March and then the response to the White House petition arrived, it turned to April, and I’m just now getting back to it.  Anyway, the update below covers until the end of April.  One last update will be out at the end of June.


  • The major item from the last few months was the White House Petition for School Libraries.  With the support of ALA President Molly Raphael, the ALA Division Presidents, and many of our vendors and external partners, the petition was promoted at every major event.  The petition surpassed the goal of 25,000 signatures nearly a week before the Feb. 4 deadline, which ensures it will receive the attention and response of White House policy experts.  The official reply was sent Friday, April 15th.  You can read some of my comments about the reply on the blog.
  • I met with OCLC during the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia to talk about school and public library opportunities for collaboration.
  • National Legislative Day was held in Washington D.C.   AASL met with the National Education Association, staffers to the House Education and Workforce committee on both sides of the aisle, and the Office of Civil Rights  at the US Department of Education.  All were good conversations.  We need to continue to be aware of what is happening in Washington and help  them make that connection of what an effective school library program can do for student learning.

ALA President Molly Raphael, Senator Jack Reed, and AASL President Carl Harvey

  • The highlight of NLLD for me was when I presented Senator Jack Reed with the 2012 AASL Crystal Apple.  He has long been a strong advocate for school libraries in Congress.  Last year his efforts got almost $14 million in dedicated funding for school libraries.

The Board met during ALA Midwinter and the following action was taken:

  • The Board voted to propose a restructure of the AASL governance.  Under the proposal, the position of Director-Elect would be eliminated.  The Nominations Committee would be replaced with the Leadership Development Committee.  All of these changes are pending membership approval of revised bylaws and will be phased in over time.  (You can read some commonly asked questions about the Leadership Development Committee in ALA Connect at:
  • Established several task forces:
    • Senior Projects / Capstone Projects Task Force – to create resources for librarians who work with senior projects.
    • Best Apps for Teaching and Learning Task Force – to begin setting up a recognition process and structure.
    • Quantitative Measures Task Force – to investigate quantitative measures and recommend a direction for AASL.
    • Internet Access Task Force – to write a white paper about Internet and school libraries.
  • Approved a position statement on The Role of the School Library Program.
  • Formed working groups to:
    • Submit a proposal for Emerging Leaders projects.
    • Investigate a position statement on Collection Balance.


Board Votes (after Midwinter):

  • Vice-Chairs – The Board voted to accept a recommendation of the Bylaws committee that AASL committees have a vice-chair.  The mmittee will choose the vice-chair from the members of the committee.  The AASL President will retain the right to appoint committee chairs each year.
  • Pre-Service Task Force – The Board voted to extend this task force for another year.
  • Project Red – Voted to support this program (with our name).
  • Making Progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media document – Voted to help disseminate the report.

Press Interviews:

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