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Ireland/Scotland – Day 8

July 18th, 2013 by Carl Harvey

Today we got up and were out the door by 9am as usual. We area heading to the Loch Ness in the Scotland Highlands which is quite a little drive from Edinburgh. There are lots and lots of winding roads in Scotland and I’m pretty sure we traveled them all. We stopped in a few little towns along the way for restrooms and snacks/lunch. The drive was beautiful although I know I dozed a bit here and there. We did get our first (and at this point ONLY) rain that we’ve had while on the trip, so I did finally get to use the raincoat that I purchased just for this trip. But, it was very short lived….maybe 5 minutes.


Finally in the late afternoon we arrived at Loch Ness. It was absolutely breathtaking. A loch differs from a lake in that a lake is completely surrounded by land. A loch has an in or out and is connected to other bodies of water via a river. The loch is along a fault line which is why it is so deep. 234 meters at its deepest point. It has very little beach area as soon as you get in the water, there is a pretty deep drop off. It is all fresh water and drinkable, but it is so dark. I tried unsuccessfully to find Nessie, but as we learned later in the visitors center it is highly unlikely that she exists. So, there went my hopes and dreams of becoming rich and famous with the first actual photo.








I loved the Loch. The Urquhart Castle dates to the 13th-16th century before it was explode within. The weather gets to rocky on the Loche that the waves will actually touch the top of the castle remains. We went through the visitors center were they talked in depth of the research done to debunk the rumors of Nessie. We followed it with some shopping in the visitors center where I finished up souvenirs that I needed.


We boarded the bus and trekked onward to Oban where we are staying for the night. It is a lovely seaside port/town. We arrived just in time for dinner. I had a nice pork loin which was pretty good and an amazing apple mandarin crumble with cream. Yum! After that we walked around the town a bit, visited a local establishment for a bit, and finally just sat out the hotel looking at the bay and enjoying our time.




We had planned another stop or two, but the time estimates to get to Loch Ness were off, so we’ve pushed some of them until tomorrow and our return trip to Edinburgh.

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