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Ireland/Scotland – Days 9 & 10

July 19th, 2013 by Carl Harvey

Today we woke up in Oban and had a nice breakfast before heading off again. This time we are returning to Edinburgh for the night before we head home tomorrow, but we planned some stops along the way back.

The first was to Glen Coe which was the site of the 1692 massacre where the MacDonalds Clan because they did not submit the allegiance to King William. They really had, but it was a few days late due to weather and starting off at the wrong location. Soldiers headed to the coe along with some of the Campbell Clan and killed 38 men that night as well as 40 women and children died later due to know housing. However, it is also one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen. I don’t know that words can describe it and I’m pretty sure the picture will never do it the justice. But, it is one of the most beautiful views in the highlands.






It was breath taking. From there we kept on and our next stop was to visit Hamish. Hamish was born in 1993 and has his own Facebook page. He is a long-haired cow. He was a hoot and it was another good chance to get out and stretch our legs. I got some good picture of the Scotland’s flower thistle….of course, here we call it a weed. But, not there. It is on everything!!!



We stopped for lunch in Aberfoyle and then continued on towards Edinburgh. One last stop to the William Wallace Monument in Stirling. It was beautiful, and our guide Brian said it was just up the hill and there was a pretty decent path. I swore he said it wasn’t too bad, but by the time I got to the top I really needed oxygen I think. It was amazingly steep. But, it was worth the climb to see the monument and the views.





From there we headed on to Edinburgh for the night. We stopped at the Royal Mile so that anyone who needed some last minute shopping could finish up. From there we had dinner again at the Italian/Scottish food place – Jolly’s. Finally we checked into the hotel, adjusted our packing, all met downstairs for one last celebration as a group and headed to sleep.

DAY 10

Up early we were on the bus and ready to go at 7:00am. It may be the first time our entire group was early/on time the entire trip! 😉 We had about an hours drive to Glasgow to catch our flights home.



Every flight was left on time and we actually landed early in both cases as well. The flights home always seem to take longer going home, so it was good to land “Back Home Again in Indiana” about 5:30pm (which is 10:30pm Ireland/Scotland time!). Hoping to adjust to the time change, I stayed up to my normal bed time, but that was not easy. As I am writing this I am up way too early, but figure maybe an afternoon nap might be in my future.

Thanks for joining me on my trek to Ireland/Scotland. It was another amazing experience and I learned and saw sooo much. The people in our group were so much fun. There are 4 of us now who have done all 3 of these trips, and so it is always fun to reconnect each summer. I’ll be working on my scrapbook soon and this blog is a lot of the basis for that. I’ll also go back in and fix all the spelling/grammar mistakes and add some more details this week, too!

Til the next adventure….

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