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AASL 2013

November 12th, 2013 by Carl Harvey

It only happens every other year, but the American Association of School Librarians’ Annual Conference is this week.

So, why go?

Obviously traveling and lodging and food for a national conference doesn’t come cheap and often school districts are not able to fund it.

So, why go?

There is the time away from students and staff which is always important.

So, why go?

So much Professional Development and resources can be found online.

So, why go?

Here’s why I go:

1.) Energy – there is just something about being in a confinded space with thousand of your peers who get and understand the job you do each and every day.  It is rejuvenating.  The conversations and networking are invaluable as you look at taking your library forward.

2.) Focus Time – Sometimes just that opportunity to really focus on growing professionally while not having to worry about the confines of time and everything going on back home.  It allows my brain to really focus.  Every time I come back with a new list of what I can take to my library and I’ve had time to think about how we might implement them.

3.) Variety all in one place – Sure you can attend a webinar here or there, but they generally just cover one topic and it may not be when you need that information.  The AASL conference covers so many different topics and there are all there right in one place.

4.) Vendors – I really like taking some time to wander through the vendors, talk with them, see their products first hand as I think about spending my budget.  I think it really allows me a chance to see if there is a local rep I might want to meet with later or what things new things might be out there I need to investigate further.

5.) Support the profession.  The AASL Conference is one of the ways that AASL is funded and they use those resources to advocate and provide resources for school librarians.  My support of the conference allows them to have resources to support our field on a national level and I think that is so important.

I’m sure there are more, but that is my quick take on the conference.  I know what as I’m coming back that the dollars I spend will have been well worth it, the time away from students and staff will be worth it because of all the new ideas, new connections, and new resources I’ll be bring back with me, and that the time face to face to interact and network with my friends and colleagues will be so well worth it, too!

Looking forward to a great AASL conference!

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